OSTEOPATHIC EQUESTRAIN™ is about better biomechanics and posture for riders. This means that OSTEOPATHIC EQUESTRAIN™ trains fitness and conditioning specifically for riders.

Fitness clients come from all disciplines, and with all riding ability from beginner adult amateurs, to youth to professional World competition level riders. Clients have included ‘late-bloomers’, riders with disability and the following disciplines: Polo, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Western, Natural Horsemanship, Trail, Pleasure, Endurance…

The coaching approach is based on the foundational principles of OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® which align with good biomechanics.

Services include:
•        Private Fitness Training
•        Mental Performance Training
•        Facilitated Fascial Stretch Therapy
•        Posture Assessment
•        Life & Wellbeing Coaching


Using OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® functional training and integrating different approaches, training programs are targeted to help your body move the way it was designed to.

Being fit contributes to healthier lifestyle and bodyweight, looking and feeling your best. OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® functional Training works with your body’s design for movement patterns.

Good biomechanics and posture reduce injuries, while good sport conditioning practice means that your workout is efficient and aligned to your goals and needs.

Following the right plan helps you reach your goals without
compromising foundational steps that protect you from injury.


Because of the focus on OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® functional training, we are especially successful with out-of-the-box unique requirements.
Training works for seniors, injury post-rehab, disability and conditions, as well as competitive sport clients.

Because you need more than a canned workout
Living better and reaching your physical activity or sport goals happens when your training meets you where you are at.


We have a lot of experience working with clients who prefer training:

  • At our private gym.
  • In the privacy of your home.
  • Pilates and/or Strength Training equipment.
  • Taking disability or medical condition into consideration.


Contact OSTEOPATHIC FITNESS® today about a personal fitness program.


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